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      Greetings fellow Space Port Manager!
      After I completed my playthrough of the Startopia campaign, I wanted to put down a few notes and tips that may help you get started. These are more generalized bits and though they don’t pertain to any specific mission, they may help if you are stuck for cash or are in need of an edge. At the bottom of this, I’ll put a link to my playthrough of the campaign and there you can see how we worked through the challenges that lay before us.
      Let’s get on with the tips, shall we?

      Farming For Cash – On the last deck of the Space Port is the Bio (Agriculture) Deck. This area is a place for visitors and workers to relax, but more specifically, this is where your Karmarama workers will work the fields and plant crops. Once the plants are matured, you can harvest them for goods, to then sell for cash. Loading up on Karmarama workers early is a solid investment, but don’t harvest too many crops at once or your workers will just quit on the spot.

      Investing Long Term with Research – When your mission/skirmish begins it may seem that research as a whole is a pretty expensive process. With initial projects, research allows you to build new facilities/products/bots that you would otherwise have to buy from a passing trader. Now, that isn’t a bad plan, but this is no way to make money. The actual cash part of this comes with further research. The more you research an item, the cheaper it is to make. It sure will be expensive up front, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you can mass produce MKIII bots/luxury items/whatever and sell them for a heap of cash.

      Investing Through Trade – You may have noticed that there is a good diversity of aliens that will frequent your station. Each alien has different strengths and weaknesses and will work in different parts of your facility. That is also true for the kinds of products they will sell. Greys, for example, are great with the medical facilities and will also sell their Medical Supplies at a much cheaper rate. Stock up and sell these good to a different race who really needs these products for a tidy profit.

      Slow Hiring Process – There are a lot of moving parts on your Space Port, including workers. When the game starts out, I recommend that you hire more inexperienced workers to save on some coin. That is unless the settings you are playing on are more generous with credits. In that case hire the best and the brightest but still pay attention to your cash flow. Salaries can be expensive!

      My playthough:
      JMegs Startopia Playthough

      Best of luck to those who visit you and those under your employ.
      – JMegs

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