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The Tigress doesn't like me anymore.

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      So I was mucking about in the CnC generals challenge, playing through it as the overpowered Nuke General and having a laugh. I get up the final boss and she keeps talking all tough, telling me that Suicide isn’t a viable tactic and stuff. Meanwhile I just sat there building. She threw all kinds of units into the meat grinder that was my base defenses. I just kept building. She smack talked me some more. I just kept building.

      Then, like a bolt from the blue. 6 nuclear missiles open up the entire left hand side of her base, wiping out every single piece of defense she has. Before she can react, 3 Helix appear, drop black lotus beside her leftmost command center, and Black Lotus swipes it in seconds. Despite her best efforts to stop me, I managed to crank out a Dozer and spirit it away safely inside a helix along with Black Lotus. I then set up a new forward base, fortified it, and began building again.

      The Tigress did not last long when she had SCUDs, Particle Cannons and nuclear warheads all raining down upon her at once. All in all quite an amusing end to the battle. I learned some interesting stuff through having control of her structures and access to her build queue though. As many of you probably already know she has access to a mixture of units from all 3 nations, as well as all 3 super weapons. What I did not know, was the specifics of what she had.

      Turns out she has King Raptors available, among other aircraft. Interestingly she has Paladin Tanks and Pathfinders, which were both locked to me due to requiring Generals Promotion, which leads me to believe she actually has the USA generals tree or else her tree is just as much of a mix as her units.

      The funniest little bit of the whole thing was when I constructed a SCUD storm.
      “The SCUD Storm is a cowardly weapon General, I thought you were better than that.”
      Her base had no power… the only super weapon still counting down was the SCUD storm…

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      In the game files, there’s actually a tech tree set up for the Boss General. It is indeed a massive mix of tech from all 3 sides. But her progression follow the Chinese line of Power, Supply Depot, War Factory, Propaganda Center (although I’m not sure about that one) then Superweapons.
      Extra income is provided by Hackers.

      Funnily enough, it’s the superweapons that actually contain faction-specific upgrades like hazmat suits or Extra Rockets for the buggies she sends at you.

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        That was the thing I found the weirdest. Each Super Weapon required you to build a specific thing, but then you could have Chinese Tank Hunters with Hazmat suits and such.

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          Which made it both weird and awesome that the Boss General had such a diverse range of faction abilities and tech.
          Originally, she was supposed to have the best of all Chinese tech. So nuclear tanks with auto-loaders and Fusion-powered engines (the new Fusion Tank will make us faster!) and Emperor Overlords that travel really fast.

          Funny thing there was that she also had designs for a Battlemaster Tank that had two barrels. So 6 shots with an autoloader anyone?

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