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      Throughout my time playing The Corporate Machine, against the AI and a few friends, I’ve picked up a few tidbits of information that have helped me get and keep the rank of top company. Though I know everyone has their own play style, there are a few things to keep in mind while working your way up the ladder to success.

      Salesmen are Key – This is something that can not be stressed enough. Your salesmen are the ones responsible for getting your products on the shelves (good luck getting an airplane on a shelf) and into the sight of those who have the cash to afford it. Be sure to check the Wealth and Economy of a region as you preposition these units, as that will be a clear indication of how much product you can move. Don’t forget, you can’t sell stuff to people who can’t afford it. And if you didn’t know, the Law of Marketing is (and is as accurate as ever), ‘Location, Location, Location’.

      Production Balancing Act – Though production is an important aspect of selling product, be sure that you are careful that you aren’t over producing (too much). A little extra back stock isn’t a bad plan, but in order to sell all those units you are making, you’ll probably find yourself cutting down the price. This will lead to better market saturation, but you’ll be making less profit per item sold. This issue is compounded when the salaries for the work force is due and the bigger check that has to be written to support production. Keep an eye on how much you need and how much the product is being sold for.

      Demand is a Fickle Thing – Since The Corporate Machine is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, the demand, price, market saturation, costs and more can change in a moment. Demand is something that shifts the most with everything you do and everything your opponents do. Though there isn’t a straight formula for what this will be, keep a close eye on the things you can control. Price, quality and market saturation are delicate levers that will always need a bit of shifting to stay level.

      Here is my playthrough with some friends and bots. I certainly picked up a lot of lessons along the way and I hope the helps your company thrive!
      JMegs The Corporate Machine Playthrough
      Cheers! To you and the success of your globally dominating business. Feel free to share any tips and tricks that you make have found on your business endeavors.
      – JMegs

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