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      Greetings Administrator!
      Over my years as an administrator myself, I’ve come across a lot of tidbits that have really helped my operate my bases at a better level. I’ve recorded two seasons (which I’ll have linked after the tips) and I hope the lessons that I’ve learned will help you in your mission to explore and exploit for the glory of TetraCorp (and your own bank account)

      Long Term Economy – Though mining and selling ore is a great way to make some early cash, be sure to ensure that you can maintain a long term economy. This is accomplished though the taxation of your population. Whenever I snag a new asteroid, I’ll build a few extra Resiblocks to ensure that the population swells and I’ll have a better tax base in the long term. Make sure you do this on larger asteroids, since you’ll also need the supporting structures to keep them healthy and safe (air/food/water/medical/security).

      Defense Methods – At any time, you could easily burn all your cash in a Sci-Tech shopping spree. This is the most dangerous in the beginning stages, since you don’t have a solid income base to back up your purchases or even use the shiny tech you picked up. Defense is no exception.
      My recommendation for the first stages of the game is to rely on ships, rather than expensive structures to do your defending. This way if you lose an asteroid early on due to collision (or flying off the map) it is less of a blow to your investments.

      Fleet Repairs – As your ship counts build up, you’ll also have to start using fleets to manage your spacecraft. This helps for deployment, management and combat, but from what I’ve seen, your ships don’t repair while in a fleet. Be sure to keep in mind that repairing something is always cheaper than building it from scratch. Remove your more damaged ships from your fleet (when they are at an asteroid that has a Space Dock) and let them sit for a while. Trust me, it’s well worth the time, especially on the bigger ships.

      Cash vs Ore – This is an interesting balance mechanic that is very important to realize as early as possible. Cash is used for trading, building structures/defenses and salary/personnel expenses. Cash and Ore is required for Ship/Missile/Vehicle production. That being said, selling ore in the early game for quick cash is fine, but don’t dump 100% of it unless you have more to mine. You are able to buy ores from some traders, but only the high end stuff, so when the low end ore is gone, it’s gone gone.

      Season 1:

      Season 2:

      Feel free to share any tips and tricks that you may have come across during your exploration of the uncharted space sectors.
      Best of luck to you and your endeavors. May the Ore be plentiful.

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