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      Greetings Commander!
      Whether you are a member of the Evolved or Survivor clans there are a few tips I’d like to pass on to you. Take heed of my advice and you will do well in this unforgiving land.

      Ebb and Flow – The campaign missions all have a real rhythm about them that is easy to see once you start looking for them. Instead of a continuous flow of enemy troops assaulting your base, the AI builds these attack units into waves. After defending against a heavy attack, you will usually have a minute or two to get things built back up and ready for the next attack. Use this time wisely.

      Earth Blood Economics – Fun fact, If you’ve played the game before you would know that the oil that is used for processing and cash is regarded as ‘Earth Blood’ by the Evolved. Oil is scattered around the map in wells that need to be tapped and processed and with no secondary income method, defending these is absolutely critical.
      Depending on the distance between the well and the Power Station you’ll need to ensure that you are pulling this precious resource out of the ground as quickly as possible. If you build the Power Station as close as you can to the well, then two total Tankers should do the job. If this isn’t possible, build enough Tankers to ensure the flow is constant, but beware of traffic jams in the base.

      Unit Strengths – KKND is pretty well balanced, in my opinion. Spamming hundreds of SWAT infantry is fun, but won’t get you very far against some of the higher ended units. Knowing your enemy and building the right units are the first steps to victory. In short:

      Bullets/Flame/Explosives work best against infantry
      Flame/Shells/Explosives work best against structures
      Flame/Shells/Missiles work well against vehicles

      Flame is some powerful stuff but needs some sort of escort to ensure they aren’t shredded by the time they reach the enemy base. My favorite army composition is Snipers and Anaconda Tanks or Flame ATVs. This is a good mix of range and firepower that is very effective. Experimentation and being versatile in your unit load out is critical so be sure to stay nimble if the situation changes.

      Engineers Are Awesome – These little guys are used to repair your structures and keep them in top working order. When on the defense, be sure to have a few of these guys around as they can greatly extend the health of your base and defenses. This can buy precious time as your army returns to base or you slap together a new army altogether.

      KKND Campaign Playlist:

      Feel free to share any tips and tricks that have helped you keep the Earth Blood flowing.
      – JMegs

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