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      Mechanized Assault and Exploration adds a solid level of difficulty as a game and compliments a fine level of UI ease to make it quite enjoyable. Being careful in new worlds has its own rewards but being aggressive is also important. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have about my travels in the universe of M.A.X.:

      Resource Management – Resources break down into 3 types, Raw Materials, Fuel and Gold. You’ll find that you need a TON of Raw Materials to get your factories and unit production started up. Regardless of which resource you need, Mining Stations are the only way to get it and they take a lot of turns to setup and more to run. Start scanning right away to find the prime resource spots and claim the territory early. Whether you turtle up in your base or go on the assault, resources are critical.

      Build Modifications – Resource Management Part II – M.A.X. allows you to modify the speed of whatever you are building with more or less Raw Materials. This is a wonderful mechanic as it allows multiple Engineer/Constructor/Factory units to start multiple projects without completely emptying your resource reserves. On the flip-side, if you are sitting on a ton of resources, you can complete these tasks much quicker by spending more Raw Materials, allowing projects to finish much faster.

      Radar and Vision are Key – There are a few artillery units and turrets that have much shorter visual range than their actual weapon range. The Missile Crawler is a perfect example of this and requires some level of surveillance and/or radar capabilities to compliment it to perform at full capacity. Radars are fairly inexpensive and getting one or two setup early in a match will pay off quickly considering it may give you a few extra turns of warning to reposition your troops.

      Upgrades Can Turn the Tide of War – Once you start processing Gold, you’ll start accumulating a stash of Credits. Credits are used in purchasing upgrades and handily enough do not require any storage.
      Every aspect of units/structures can be upgraded, which is pretty amazing. Want to give your artillery units more range? How about improve the armor on your already heavy tanks or make them faster? Perhaps your Scout units could become more hit-and-run with extra shots every turn? There are a lot of options, so stock up on Gold early.

      These tips are always good to keep in mind and paying attention to your surroundings will give you a serious edge against your automated opponents. Good luck, Commander.
      Feel free to share any tips and tricks that you’ve found.
      – JMegs

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