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      #1 Tip: In any Turn Based Strategy game that involve cards or units tech up or get the resources to use your bigger units are a priority since you aren’t going to be given the chance to rush someone since designers made it so that it’s impossible to rush someone effectively.

      #2 Tip: Plan ahead. You are given the time to plan ahead so might as well use it.

      #3 Tip: Understand which units complement what unit. TBS units are designed to be more than the sum of it’s parts with special effects to help the team.

      #4 Tip: There are at least 2 types of TBS games; one that are like chess and no units can be added or games like card games that can summon units for resources from a deck. For the 1st type of TBS ensure you have a higher Kill to Death ratio by killing his units or preventing yours from being killed. While the 2nd type of TBS is similar to RTS either overpower or starve them.

      Good Free to Play TBS strategy game that is similar to RTS = March of War on Steam
      6 factions with different unique units and abilities.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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