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What is KKND and Where to Get it

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      KKnD, or Krush, Kill ‘n’ Destroy is the first of three real-time strategy games in the KKnD series, and was released on March 25, 1997. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where two factions are fighting for control over the few natural resources left. Each faction has its own campaign consisting of 15 missions each, and there is also a multiplayer mode which allows up to 6 people to play via LAN or modem/serial connection.

      The gameplay in the KKnD series is similar to that of other real time strategy games, such as Command & Conquer and StarCraft, created by Westwood and Blizzard respectively. The player uses resources to manufacture buildings which can create units and vehicles, which are used to exterminate opposing forces. Like the Z series of games, KKnD is tongue-in-cheek, not taking itself too seriously.

      The above excerpt and more information can be found here:

      You can get KKND from a vendor called Good Old Games. These guys have been great for classic games and they even work on more current operating systems. Here is the link to download it:

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