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      Now that that’s out of the way, here are some tips to get you moving through the sector and capture up the territory you need to proceed.
      Stand your Ground – Unlike other RTS games where hunkering down may be a valid tactic, Z completely removes that from being relevant whatsoever. Your ability (and speed) to produce units is directly dependent upon how many territories you control. That being said, I’d recommend that you become aggressive or at least cautiously aggressive. Even if you have an army, you could easily be out gunned if your opponent has all the territory.
      Randomness is a Thing – Throughout the time I’ve played this game I’ve witnessed things that I simply can’t explain with straight logic or damage figures. For example, how does a Jeep take out a Tank? Aside from wearing down the Tank with other units and some fancy preemptive maneuvering to dodge the damage, I feel it’s something that I’d that we could simply call ‘randomness’. That being said, be careful when engaging enemy troops and if possible, use overwhelming forces.
      Protect the Fortress – Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to eliminate enemy presence in the area and that is accomplished by destroying the Fortress. If you have a strategic advantage, quickly make a strike at the Fortress. Going out of your way to hunt down enemy units and losing a few tanks to randomness is an terrible way to lose your advantage.

      Lots of contested territory is out there for you to capture. Get out there and make Zod proud.

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